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You are Desperately Needed to Save a Life

1 in 3 African American blood cancer patients cannot find a donor


Matches usually occur between people of the same race


Hemeos recruits donors within the African American community

You might be the ONLY person that can save someone’s life


Over 8,000 Americans need a blood stem cell transplant each year

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How Hemeos Works

We mail you a swab kit. Swab your cheek and send it back using the prepaid envelope.


Hemeos will contact you if you are identified as a match. This could happen tomorrow or in several years.


Next you will submit a small blood sample and complete a physical workup.


Get comfortable at one of our collection centers as you donate your blood stem cells and help save a life!

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Donors Speak Out
Become A H.E.R.O Organize A Donor Drive

College students partner with Hemeos to recruit students on campus. Hemeos guides H.E.R.O.s by providing all the materials and know how to successfully recruit on campus.

Does a family member or friend need a donor? Hemeos will provide everything you need to host a donor drive. Contact us today to plan a drive with Hemeos!


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